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DMZ Combined tour (Panmunjom & 3rd Tunnel)
This tour being one of the representative DMZ tours, take tourists to see the 3rd tunnel and Panmunjom.
This is most popular tour for foreigners, as visitors can tour the 3rd tunnel and Panmunjom in just one day at a relatively low price.
Tour itinerary
07:50~08:10   |   Registration (Hotel President 3rd floor TOUR DMZ desk)
08:10~09:30   |   Move to destination (Freedom Highway)
08:30~10:00   |   Freedom Bridge at Imjingak Park
10:00~11:00   |   Tour the 3rd infiltration tunnel & DMZ Exhibition
11:00~11:30   |   Dora Observatory
11:30~12:00   |   Dorasan Train station (Northernmost Station of Gyeong-ui Railway Line)
12:00~12:20   |   Go for lunch
12:20~13:20   |   Lunch (Bulgogi or bibimbap)
13:20~13:40   |   Imjingak Park
13:40~14:00   |   Pass through Unification bridge (Check point)
14:00~14:15   |   Arrive at Camp Bonifas
14:15~15:00   |   Slide show on JSA
15:00~16:30   |   take military bus to JSA area, Freedom House, Military Armistice Commission Building,
                                       Bridge of no return
16:30~17:30   |   Leave for Seoul (Freedom High Way)
17:30                 |   Arrive at Hotel President
   * Schedule may be subject to change due to special circumstances of the local military site, traffic or
     or natural disaster.
   * Tour is provided from Tuesday to Saturday, except for the designated No Tour days.
How to apply
- For making reservation, we need all participant’s full name, passport number, nationality (on passport)
  and contact number by 4 days before a tour day. Please let us know by e-mail or phone.

- In case of overseas resident who has Korean passport holder, we need scanned copy of ‘Certificate of
  Overseas Koreans registration’ issued by Korean consulate 4 days before the tour date.
  (Please bring original ‘Certificate of Overseas Koreans registration’ on tour day.

- In case of person who has nationality which is designated at Panmunjom, we need participant’s
  photo copy of passport (page it appears on face photo, full name and passport number) by
  4 days before the tour day.
Tour time
○ Tuesday ~ Friday:
    8:10m~ 5:30pm (only Tuesday 7:20am~4:30pm)

○ Saturday: 8:50am~5:30pm / 8:10am~5:30pm
Tour fee
○ Tour fee: 140,000won
○ Transportation, DMZ tour special guide and Lunch included.
○ Please take note of the cancellation policy. 100% of fee is charged if reservation is cancelled 2 days
    before the tour day.
As the Panmunjom tour takes place in a spot where North and South Korea coexist, the following needs to be taken note of when applying for the tour.

1. Tourists must bring passport on tour day.
2. Dress code: No worn of faded jeans, exercise clothes, sleeveless shirts, miniskirts, sandals and
    slipper, flip-flops, short pants(under the knee length is ok), leather pants
3. Children under 11 years old are not allowed on the tour.
4. No drinking of alcohol is allowed before the tour
5. Tourists must follow the instructions of your tour guide while on the tour
6. If a part of tour schedule is cancelled by unexpected condition of JSA, No refund.
7. You can bring your camera. However you are strictly asked to follow the instructions of
   your tour guide when and where to take a photo.
Tel: 82-2-706-4851
E-mail: 248dmz@naver.com

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